Jay LaManno started his professional career as an artist over 20 years ago when he began creating one of a kind jewelry designs with a special style and flare all his own. He has never been one to follow current trends but always designs one of a kind creations. Jay's passion has led him into many different areas of design; he is a painter and graphic designer as well.  

He has a never ending desire to create and to express a unique vision or idea through art. Jay has conveyed his thoughts on design when he said "Design is expression. It opens up the channel between reality and the world within. Only by releasing the boundaries of the mind can we begin to explore the possibilities."

Being the perfectionist that he is, you will find that he always puts forth his best effort in all the work that he does. He has created a name for himself not only in the design world but in the business world as well. His long standing relationships with his clients is proof that he is a true "professional" designer who always goes out of his way to please his clients and go beyond their expectations.